Features of an All-In-One Payment Platform

Most businesses have multiple payment service providers which makes for a complicated system that is often limited. Some providers only operate with two or three pay options, such as debit, credit, and gift cards. Others have tabs that can change the checkout page to French or Spanish for customers who need or desire a language different from English.

Several of Everything

Each provider incurs a contract, an account, payment, and rates for the business. Accounting becomes a nightmare and attention is taken away from daily operations. Eliminating all these separate elements will save time, money, and aggravation.

The result is an increase in productivity, more time to improve marketing measures, and the opportunity to focus on expanding the business. Get rid of the hassles and paperwork of using a number of payment service providers. An all-in-one platform consists of features that will provider more payment options and simplify the process.

Accept Payments

One feature is the way the business can accept payments. Point of service (POS), invoice, mobile, and marketplaces are some examples. Payments for subscriptions are also fast and efficient for customers. A virtual terminal can be created to accept payments as well which increases conversion rates.

Clear checkout pages that allow customers to pay in over one-hundred currencies worldwide and change to dozens of languages drastically increases conversion rates. There are virtually no barriers to the payment process for global customers. A raise in revenues can be experienced almost immediately.

Management Features

Managing related payment components is as important as accepting the payments. An all-in-one platform, like BlueSnap for example, includes tools to help with management. Chargeback, fraud, and risk management features are present.

There are also applications for compliance, taxes, analytics, and accurate reports. Advanced features such as these are designed to protect the business while exposure expands, and revenues are climbing. Review current payment platforms used and consider switching to one platform to enjoy one contract and a choice between two pricing levels.

Going Global

Taking the business to new horizons is the goal of going global. Supplying customers with the opportunity to pay however they prefer in a language they can understand will prepare the business to accept and process the rise in orders.